Cardcloud to easily share your business card

I love these days when I discover a new tool! It just makes me very happy, every time! So, today, I discovered Cardcloud, a service which allows you to easily share your business card directly from iPhone to iPhone, by email or simply by directing your interlocutor to a URL. I’ve been looking for something like this for a few years now. I’ve tested different services, but eventually stop using each of them after a while.

Now, with Cardcloud, I feel I found the right tool! First, you can customize your business card to display the info you want (of course!). But you can also display your company’s logo, your picture as well as any of the million social media services you are using. Cardcloud currently suports more then 50 services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Flickr, etc..

Then, it creates a nice little web card for you, accessible via a dedicated URL: To make it shorter, I created a link via

There is also an option to use your own domain, with the creation of a CNAME record, which is nice.

But the coolest stuff is yet to come: there is an iPhone app. With this app, you can send  your card to anyone else with this app on their phone. So let’s say you meet someone at a conference, instead of actually giving him or her you physical business card, if they also have the Cardcloud app, you can send them your card within 3 clicks!

When you receive a card via iPhone, you can write a note to help you remember where and why you got this card. It will also tag the card with the timestamp and geo-localisation info. You will of course be able to add the contact info directly into your address book.

And if the people you met at that conference do not have the Cardcloud iPhone app, no worry! You can easily send them your card via email :-).

Here is a little interesting video explaining how it works:

Exprimez vous!